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Route your Voxbone numbers to your ExternalScript

Any SIP trunk can connect to APIdaze to have your incoming calls processed by your ExternalScript. This post shows how you can connect Voxbone numbers to APIdaze.

Voxbone is an international DID numbers provider that interfaces with SIP.

From your Voxbone management interface

Select Configure -> URIs -> All URIs. Then fill in the following fields in the web form :

  • URI : {E164}@ (mandatory)
  • Description : BYOT APIdaze (optional)

Then save and proceed with attaching the newly created URI to the numbers your want to route to APIdaze.

Select Configure -> Numbers, pick the numbers and choose the BYOT APIdaze URI under the Voice URI tab. Click apply to selected to confirm.

You have now attached your Voxbone numbers to APIdaze, let's now register the numbers at APIdaze.


From the developer's portal in the API Reference section, select External Number Create (BYOT) and just enter each number you routed to APIdaze from Voxbone.

That's it ! Your numbers are now routed and managed by your ExternalScript.